Last Updated: Sep 15, 2023

What is late delivery compensation?

If we don't deliver your order on or before Temu's latest estimated delivery date, we will issue you a credit within 48 hours of that date. The credit will be issued to your Temu credit balance in the currency used for the order and with the exchange rate from when your order was placed. You can check the compensation amount for late delivery in your order details.
Temu's latest "estimated delivery date" refers to the latest date of the estimated delivery date range included in your order details. If your order contains multiple packages, all packages from the same order (except reshipped packages) must be delivered on or before the estimated delivery date, otherwise a credit will be issued.

Under what circumstances will I not receive compensation for late delivery?

1. If on-time delivery (delivery before Temu's latest estimated delivery date) is not possible due to circumstances beyond our control (“events beyond our control/force majeure"), such as natural disasters, strikes, severe weather, or epidemic-related restrictions, or if you provide us with an inaccurate delivery address or zip code (determining whether an event is an "event beyond our control/force majeure" is entirely at Temu's sole discretion);
2. All packages from the same order (except reshipped packages) have been delivered before the latest estimated delivery time of Temu or have been delivered to a specified location such as the post office or delivery locker for self-collection;
3. If the courier tries to deliver your package before or on the latest estimated delivery date but cannot contact you (where applicable);
4. You select a delivery time with the courier after the latest estimated delivery date;
5. If all packages from the same order have been received but you are waiting for a reshipment;
6. If your order is not linked to a Temu account or your Temu credit balance is suspended when we attempt to issue the compensation;
7. Each order, regardless of the number of packages, will only be compensated once for late delivery;
8. Other circumstances such as refused delivery, moving to a new address, etc. that are not a result of any wrongdoing on the courier's or Temu's part.
9. When you choose to schedule a delivery or your package fails to be delivered due to reasons outside of the courier's control, the compensation policy will not be applicable.
Temu reserves the right to the final interpretation of our Late Delivery Compensation Policy and the right to modify the terms of this policy at any time.