What is Temu

Temu is an e-commerce company that connects consumers with merchandise partners, manufacturers, and brands through an online shopping center, offering a wide selection of merchandise at near wholesale prices.

This article will look at and answer the following questions:
  • What does Temu sell
  • What does Temu stand for
  • What areas does Temu serve
  • What is Next-Gen Manufacturing
  • How to search for products on Temu
  • How to purchase an item on Temu
  • What payment methods do Temu accept
  • What is Temu’s returns policy

What does Temu sell

The Temu shopping center is available at www.temu.com and through mobile apps downloaded from Google Play and App Store. Customers can find a broad range of items in a wide variety of categories, including women's and men's clothing, beauty and health, home and kitchen, sports and outdoors, appliances, tools and home improvement, pet supplies, and toys and games, among others.

What does Temu stand for

Everyone deserves to live the life they dream of having
Inclusion and diversity
Respect and embrace differences
Honest, ethical, and trustworthy
Socially responsible
Do good for the world

Guided by its core values of empowerment, inclusion and diversity, integrity, and social responsibility, Temu seeks to connect consumers with the suppliers and empower them to pursue their dreams. Temu's diversity in suppliers allows it to offer the widest merchandise selection to meet the varied needs of consumers from different backgrounds.

Temu's name, which means 'team up, price down,' reflects its philosophy of working together to create economies of scale and value.

What areas does Temu serve

Temu is available to consumers in various parts around the world. You may select the site for your country / region to view suitable product offerings.

What is Next-Gen Manufacturing

Next-Gen Manufacturing is a new online shopping model pioneered by Temu where consumers initiate the demand that is then matched by manufacturers.

Unlike the traditional model where brands produced goods and then marketed them to consumers, the Next-Gen Manufacturing model enables merchandise partners to adjust their product development and manufacturing processes according to market insights channeled through Temu. This approach results in lower costs for both consumers and merchandise partners due to economies of scale from better product fit, increased revenue, and less waste from mismatched production.

As a new-generation e-commerce site, Temu seeks to revolutionize the way online shopping is done by seamlessly matching individual user needs with resources from anywhere in the world. This next era of e-commerce would go beyond cutting out middlemen or making manufacturing supply chains more efficient, and create opportunities for new businesses to emerge.

How to Search for Products on Temu

There are many ways for customers to search for items on Temu.

First, customers can use the search button at the top of their Temu app or Temu.com to look for items.

Describe what you're looking for in the search bar to start your search. For example: 'party dress,' or 'white denim shorts.' Please use multiple descriptive terms to narrow down the results. For example, using 'little black dress' as a search term will generally produce more curated results compared to using just 'dress.'

Search results are ordered by how relevant the items are to your search. You can use the 'Sort by' option to reorder your search results based on your preference. For searches that you would like to track on desktop, you can click the orange 'Save' button to get notified when new items that fit your search are posted.

Second, customers can click into the different tabs at the top of the page, labeled 'best sellers', 'new arrivals' and 'categories' to go into different landing pages.

Clicking into the 'categories' tab, for example, would generate a drop-down menu with a wide variety of categories such as home and kitchen, women's clothing, sport and outdoors, and so on.

Third, there are special sections on Temu's home page such as 'Lightning Deals' and event or theme-based selections such as 'Workspace Refresh'.

Last but not least, instead of searching for specific items, users can simply scroll down the page and browse the recommended items on their individual feeds. The suggestions are tailored to the individual preferences of the users and aimed at surfacing products that customers may find useful based on their historical browsing and purchase habits.

How to purchase an item on Temu

When shopping on Temu, customers are buying directly from individual shops. If there are any inquiries regarding an item, it is recommended to message the merchandise partner directly. Temu offers a return and refund policy, as well as the Temu Purchase Protection Program, ensuring customers can shop with confidence.

To buy an item on Temu, simply click on the product on the website or app:

step 01

On the listing page, you can see the photo(s) of the item, product description, the price, as well as review rating, and shipping information.

Select the product by clicking 'Add to cart' after specifying the quantity you are buying.

step 02

You can continue shopping or if you want to check out and pay for the item, click the 'Go to cart' to bring you to the checkout page.

step 03

On the shopping cart, verify the item and pricing details and click 'checkout.'

step 04

On the checkout page, fill in and double-check your shipping address, select the shipping method (standard or express if available), and payment method.

step 05

Confirm the order amount before clicking submit order.

Once you click checkout and complete your payment, congratulations! You've just made a purchase on Temu. We will send you an email confirming the items in your order. You can also view your order information by going to 'Your orders' on your account page from the Temu app or Temu.com.

What payment methods do Temu accept

We work with major payment providers to keep your payment information secure and safe.

You may visit our temu.com homepage for more information.

What is Temu’s returns policy

With a few exceptions, nearly all items purchased on Temu can be returned and refunded within 90 days if they do not meet the customer's satisfaction. The following items are among those not eligible for return:

  • Clothing items that have been worn, washed, damaged, or have had their tags, packaging, or hygiene sticker removed, or are incomplete sets
  • Items labeled as non-returnable
  • Free gifts

In addition, the first return for every order is free! Please go to the 'Your orders' page on the Temu app or Temu.com to request a refund and print your free return label. Note: Temu's Customer Support page has a list of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about shipping, tracking, returns and refunds. Customers can access the page here.