1. What is Temu Credit balance?
Temu will issue Credits to you from time to time as compensation for any inconvenience we may have caused you during your shopping experience with us, like the items you ordered are out of stock or the delivery takes longer than estimated. Temu may also issue Credits to you as rewards if you participate in our promotional activities. You may also receive Credits from us if you return items and choose to accept Temu Credit balance instead of a refund to the original payment method.
2. Where to check my Credit balance?
You can check your Credit balance by signing in your Account at Temu app or Temu.com and going to 'You' > 'Credit balance' on Temu app or 'Orders & Account' > 'Credit balance' on Temu.com.
3. How to use my Credits?
Your Credits will be applied automatically to eligible orders before you submit them. You don't have to do anything! But if you prefer not to use your Credits for a particular order, you may change the amount of Credits on the order confirmation page before submitting the order.
4. Can I still pay with Credit balance if I already applied a coupon code?
Yes! You may use your Credit balance in conjunction with a coupon.
5. Can I withdraw cash from my Credit balance?
Your credit balance can only be used for purchases on Temu. Typically, you will not be able to redeem your Temu Credit balance for cash. Credit balance in your Temu Account will never expire.
If you have questions regarding your credit, please contact customer service for help
6. Can I transfer my Credit balance to another Temu Account?
Sorry, you can't transfer your Credit balance from one Temu Account to another Temu Account.
7. I never used any Credits, why is my Credit balance smaller?
One possibility is that you might have a pending transaction. If you've submitted an order but haven't paid yet, Credits would have been deducted from your Credit balance and applied to the order pending payment. To restore your Credit balance, simply cancel the order, and the Credits will be returned to your Temu Account.
Another possibility is that some of your Temu Credits may have been canceled. Credits issued for a returned item will be canceled if you obtained a chargeback or transaction reversal from the original payment method for the same item.