Protect Yourself from Spam Text Messages and Phishing Scams

Beware of spam messages, emails, and phone calls! Scammers frequently use these communication methods to steal personal and financial information. To protect yourself, we recommend that you do not respond to these messages or calls, and avoid clicking on links in emails or text messages from unknown sources. If you're uncertain about the legitimacy of a message, it's better to be safe and report it to us. If you require assistance, please contact our customer service team, and we will investigate your reports thoroughly to ensure your information stays safe and secure.

Please tell us if:

1. You were approached by an unknown third party claiming to be a courier, asking for extra shipping charges.

2. You were approached by a merchant claiming to be from Temu asking you to make transactions via other channels outside of Temu (QR code, e-wallet, wire transfer, etc).

3. You were tricked into purchasing items and into initiating payments/transactions for a fake website/app similar to Temu with a notification that you had won something.

4. You received any messages from an unknown number offering financial service or a part-time job, and were asked to fill in personal information (e.g. your Temu account information or transaction number).

5. You received a call from an unknown number asking you to disclose/verify your personal information or offering you a refund you did not request.

6. You receive false job advertisements impersonating temu. They usually offer low threshold and high income to attract you to enter your personal information.

7. An official calling himself Temu finds you and offers to start business cooperation with you.

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