What is a price adjustment? How to get the price adjustment?

Items purchased from Temu are eligible for our Price Adjustment Policy.

Temu will provide the price difference, based on the price and currency type of the paid order, if the list price of the same item (of the same size, color, etc., from the same provider) was reduced within 30 days of purchase in the same country or region. Items that are promotional, no longer available, on clearance, etc. may not be eligible for our Price Adjustment Policy.

The shipment of your order will not be affected by applying for a price adjustment before you receive your items.

Fees, including but not limited to shipping fees, will be excluded for any price adjustment calculation. Temu reserves the right to the final interpretation of our Price Adjustment Policy, the right to modify the terms of this Policy at any time, and the right to deny any price adjustment at our sole discretion.

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