What are chargebacks?

A chargeback is the dispute of a charge made to a financial institution. Financial institutions include banks, credit card companies, and PayPal, and usually pertain to the original payment method.
Following the dispute, the card company or PayPal informs Temu of the chargeback and may also request more information, such as transaction information, proof of delivery, and proof of refund. Temu must respond with this requested information within a specified timeframe.

Below are the most common types of chargebacks:
1. Fraud - This is when the credit card owner reports they did not make or authorize a transaction. This may happen when a credit card number is used without permission.
2. Non-Delivery - This is when a buyer successfully makes a purchase but doesn't receive the item(s) purchased.
3. Not as Described - In this case, a purchase is made but the buyer receives an item(s) that is either different from what was listed on Temu or from what the buyer thought they were purchasing.
4. Return - A buyer can request a chargeback if they're not satisfied with the item(s) purchased and received. This could be for a variety of reasons, including damage.

Who do I contact for information about my chargeback?
Although Temu provides financial institutions with requested information, Temu does not make the final decision regarding chargebacks.
If a chargeback has been filed with a card company or PayPal, Temu cannot issue a refund for the transaction. This option is disabled to prevent a duplicate credit, leaving the refund to the discretion of the card provider or PayPal. Additionally, if a refund is issued, Temu can't provide you with an estimated timeframe for when you'll receive the funds.
We recommend contacting your card provider or PayPal directly for information about the chargeback.

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