Tips for buying safely on Temu

Here are some best practices to help ensure safe purchases on Temu.

Credit card safety

- Never give your full credit card number, tax identification number, or password in an email, Temu Message, or over the phone.

- Check your credit card statement regularly to track your spending and card activity.

- Keep track of your credit card: who is authorized to use it, and who has access to it.

Internet/computer safety

- Change your passwords on a regular basis. The more complex a password is, the better you're protected.

- If you share your computer or device, sign out of any website accounts before letting others use it.

On Temu

- Learn how Temu's return and refund policy can help you get a full refund on your item. Almost all items you bought on Temu are eligible for return and refund if you are not satisfied with them, with just a few exceptions: (1) Clothing items that have been worn, washed, damaged, or have had tags, packaging, or hygiene stickers removed, or are part of an incomplete set; (2) Items specifically labeled as non-returnable; (3) Customized items; (4) Some free gifts.

- Learn about Temu's Purchase Protection Program, which offers you full refunds for any item(s) that do not arrive, arrive damaged, or are not as described.

- Keep your transactions on Temu. We can't verify or assist with transactions made outside of Temu.

- If you receive a suspicious email claiming to be from Temu, please report it to our customer service.

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