Does Temu accept tax exemption certificates?

Yes, we do accept certain tax exempt certificates including certificates for government bodies, education institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and hospitals. However, we currently do not accept resale certificates of any kind. Also, diplomatic tax exemptions such as personal and mission tax exemption cards are not valid for online purchases.

If you represent a government body, education institution, not-for-profit organization, or hospital, please email the following documentation to tax.exempt@temu.com.

a) Proof of exemption in PDF format for the state(s) where the items will be shipped. Please note that any incomplete information on your exemption document (signature, date, not checking every applicable box) will result in a request for you to resubmit the document with complete information.

b) Organization Name

c) Name (Primary Purchaser)

d) Full Address

e) Phone Number

f) The Temu user account email for your organization

g) Organization Type: (Nonprofit Organization or Government)

Please note that we do not accept sales tax permits, articles of incorporation, SSNs, tax licenses, IRS determination letters (unless required by state law), W9's, or certificate of registrations for enrollment into the program.

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