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Reviewed in United States
Item delivered in 8 days
on Apr 11, 2024
Purchased: White*2
These were very inexpensive and fit my tape perfectly. I can get 5 rolls on each one. And they stack. I have over 200 rolls of printed tape. so this is gonna make things alot easier. Good product and for the price it is WONDERFUL!!!
Reviewed in United States
Item delivered in 8 days
on Apr 13, 2024
Purchased: 6.5 / Black
beautiful shoes! classy and perfect for church and court and for any occasion really, heels are the perfect compromise between sexy and modest, not too tall and not too short👌they are sturdy, good quality and comfortable for a high heeled shoe) my shoe size is 7-7.5 US, 37-38 EUROPEAN with 9.3 foot length, I ordered this in 6.5 based on some of the comments and the measurements, and am glad i did, its perfect 👌 even though it's 6.5 US, it's 38 European with 9.3 foot length. so my suggestion with Temu shoes is to know and look at All the measurements and pick what comes closest to yours collectively . definitely recommend this item, just order half to full size smaller than your usual 👍
Reviewed in United States
Item delivered in 10 days
on Apr 11, 2024
Purchased: Black
Light is great x 3 shades. Cover is a vinyl material like a tablet cover. The original pictures made it look like metal cover . but it's ok. The vinyl makes it weigh less. Look forward to traveling . It's about a 5x7 size lil bigger. Perfect for what I'm looking for and it folds open and closes to protect during travel. Mirror was intact during transit from TEMU . so that's a win.
Reviewed in United States
Item delivered in 11 days
on Apr 13, 2024
Purchased: Pink / XL
So cute make sure you measure your cats to get a good fit because what you think might fit will not if you don’t measure. Perfect fit for my cats and great for after bath time.
Reviewed in United States
Item delivered in 7 days
on Apr 10, 2024
Purchased: Green
I’m a person who really appreciates the genuine reviews so here’s mine— I’m impressed by the quality of this bag! My original case was too bulky and this one is large but more convenient. I have the regular switch, so it doesn’t fit into the smaller compartment. But the charging dock itself does fit perfectly! See pictures to see.

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Temu:Shop Like a Billionaire

Temu:Shop Like a Billionaire

#1 free app

    slimtrim,May 11 2023
    A Little Refinement Will Bring Me To 5 Star
    I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my shopping experience at Temu and only have a couple of suggestions. I have purchased a number of clothing items through the app and have found discrepancies between the material description listed for a few items versus the actual material found on the tag once I received the items. When I made Temu aware of my disappointment, I have to acknowledge they were more than happy to provide me with a full refund, very promptly. Hopefully they will be more attentive to making this information accurate. Secondly, when trying to find a pair of cargo shorts by waist size, many times the size shown (S30 for example) is not really a 30 inch waist. When you tap on the S30, the app brings up additional sizing information and I have seen waist sizes ranging between 28 and 32 as the actual waist measurement for the S30 size option. I do realize that international sizing can be rather inconsistent and that Temu may not be able to do anything about this issue. I would just have to suggest that you be careful to determine your correct size when ordering clothing. Lastly, and this is just a personal preference for myself, I that Temu had more boys/mens cargo shorts available in a smaller waist size (28-29 inches) that also have a button closure. Thank you for reading my review, I you find Temu to be a good shopping experience!
    Lisa,July 11 2023
    Great products for really good prices.
    I've compared several things to different and they definitely beat pricing on pretty much everything. I have enjoyed everything I've gotten and it has all arrived exactly as the description. Shipping times can take a while so I'd suggest ordering pretty early if you are buying something that you need by a certain time.
    factcap1952,July 29 2023
    Great to shop for almost anything!!
    I have spent about $150 so far on Temu. I have loved everything so far except for one thing and I have probably bought 30 items. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of most things. Some were better than others but for the price I sure can’t complain. I will be back for sure. You can’t lose even if one thing turns out not so great because it is so inexpensive. The shipping is fast for what is probably coming from over seas. maybe a week or little more. They will text you a lot of times with updates on your order so you are never left in the dark wondering where your package is. I love getting a deal so Temu is my kind of to shop. I recommend looking around on the site for the best deal because many times they will have it cheaper from a different seller I suppose because there are multiples of similar items. They also send you coupons sometimes. If you have friend who you can sign up you can get a lot of free stuff but I didn’t want to bother anyone. I like to wait til they send me a coupon to an order. Try it you will like it. Warning most the time when they offer free gifts you are going to have to get friends to sign up and you will play games to get the points then you will need more points to win and you will need friends to sign up to actually win the prizes you have picked out. If you have plenty of friends you can get plenty of free things. Over all I was pleasantly surprised with the products. Great!!
    Janet,July 11 2023
    Quality, style, and affordability, Temu has it all!
    Everything I have purchased has been as expected. The only item ever damaged was given a full refund without having to return the item. Shipping takes typically approx a week, & they give ridiculous daily item markdowns to lure you into buying more. There is a $10 limit to order, free shipping, massive price cuts.
    Annoyed,May 10 2023
    So much to see……so little time
    Temu is very entertaining. I drop in for a quick visit and end up staying. Like most bargain you have to pick carefully on items you are seriously wanting to use and go wild on the cheap fun stuff. Be cause most items are relatively inexpensive it’s a great for trying out stuff to see if it really works. No biggy if it doesn’t and hurry and buy a bunch if it does. What I do is go through and click buy on stuff I think I can’t live without then through and rethink and delete or keep. Since I can’t order huge amounts of stuff through and pick some of what I want the most and order. Then hopefully I can order some more when I can afford it. A lot of the items sell out pretty fast so you have to decide while they are available. No pressure! Ha ha. When I look at all the reviewers of Temu on all the different sights and what they say I’m pretty impressed. Just remember it’s still someone’s personal opinion, but it does give you an idea of what an item looks like on and how an item is used and what you probably shouldn’t buy.
    Chris,July 12 2023
    I love Temu's wide selection of items and their amazing deals.
    I have ordered about 40 different things through them ranging from jewelry to shoes, clothes, kitchen and travel items. Everything has been as pictured, fit as expected and true to size. Shipping has been free which is great. Things arrive in perfect condition. I it were delivered faster, that's really the only downside.
    Jerry,May 16 2023
    Shopping on Temu is so easy and hassle-free, always my first option
    Good for cheap stuff. Some stuff is 60% cheaper than Amazon for the exact same product brand. However, the rewards and discounts are misleading. I got a promotion saying $25 off a $50 order. But turns out, I only get a coupon after my order ships and the coupon expired before my order arrived. Feels like a scam. On the other hand, I got an item that was damaged. They issued refund easily and instantly, so there is no need to worry about issues with your purchase.
    Tammy,August 1 2023
    The quality of the items are excellent.
    I love Temu. I pay a fraction of the price for some of the same items on Amazon. Plus there is a lot of unique items. The quality of the items are excellent. I do a lot of crafts and have grandchildren and the possibilities are endless as they have everything! With the economy it is hard to find deals and when I can put in a $10 order with free shipping and get a package of goodies it just makes me so happy.
    Amanda,April 30 2023
    The variety of offers and discounts on Temu is just outstanding!
    Good experience so far both with the app and the company. Great customer service too. Disliked how one item did not work the way it was described and despite the fact it was a free item, they still were able to give a credit for the amount it WOULD HAVE been, so I could get another item instead. Everything else on the two orders I have had works great. Electronics, clothes, appliances, etc. (Ordered a variety to test Temu out) very pleased. recommend them so far.
    Victoria,May 6 2023
    Temu's website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
    Absolutely addictive! You would think the quality would be terrible bc of the prices, but its is not! Out of close to $20 orders, I had one issue, and the item was so inexpensive that I just ordered a new ons. Lots of coupons, and $5 credits if your order takes too long to ship, or if it is not received by the end of the delivery window. My new Amazon!
    Marcella,May 28 2023
    Appreciate the fast shipping and easy returns at Temu.
    I absolutely LOVE TEMU!!!! In my opinion the best app for, in some cases, amazing quality items at a decent discount. Are they always the cheapest? .. No, but the app learns your likes and dislikes, and makes personalized suggestions that in turn make shopping so much fun.... That is why they are the best! They could also really work on their wishlist application which is barely functioning and you do not have access to them half the time. You have to store everything in your cart.
    Barb,July 18 2023
    lots of cheap good quality items.
    You get what you paid for, don't expect diamonds if you've paid the price of glass, but I still like this site, lots of cheap good quality items. Your items arrive within 2 weeks, usually in the time frame they give you. If your parcel is late you do get a $5 app credit, my parcel was only one day late but I still got the $5 automatically credited to me. I don't think it's possible to win any free items in the games without bothering a lot of friends or family to download the app.
    kelli,July 19 2023
    Customer service at Temu is exceptional - very helpful and friendly.
    This app is amazing! It is better than !! I used for years and when I saw Temu and how much better the products were and the pricing much lower I was hooked!! You get rewards for being their customer as well! Who can argue with that? Not me!! I dont order as much as I want to but I have tons of stuff in my cart that I will eventually get lol. Its great! When a product is sold out it lets you know and rout you to similar items so you still have the chance to get what you want! Love it!
    Nero,July 28 2023
    An app like where the stuff comes to you.
    I thought this was going to be an app like where the stuff comes to you and it's not what it looks like, but Temu has consistently delivered when it comes to merchandise quality, price, reliability and fast shipping. My only criticism is if you give them your phone number they will send you multiple text messages every single day about deals, which can be a little overwhelming. But besides that Temu blows Amazon out of the WATER.
    Dannette,July 17 2023
    Shopping on Temu is so convenient and time-saving.
    I absolutely LOVE the items on this site! Granted, some things are hit and miss, but what site isn't really. However, returning items is really easy. I've only had a hand full of items that I wanted a refund/exchange on, and I've made several orders since I joined in early December 2022. The items I requested a refund/return were quickly refunded and I didn't even have to bother with the hassle of returning them. I imagine that won't always be the case, especially with higher ticket items.
    Luke,July 7 2023
    Good customer service and nice products.
    I had an order that was seemingly lost in Los Angeles. Temu sent a replacement and refunded most of the original cost because it was late. All I had to do was press a couple of buttons. I love the variety of products too. The only negative is the long shipping time, but that's only because Amazon has spoiled me. The deep discount makes up for the slower shipping though, and Temu still ships quicker than .
    GPosey,June 30 2023
    Temu's frequent sales make shopping even more enjoyable.
    Super app. I really like shopping for items from Temu. I have ordered multiple times, and ive read there is a lot of 3 stars. Now in my experience ive had every order just the way it was supposed to be. There merchandise goes thru customs, every order. I believe that for the time it can take to do so, it may affect and change delivery dates,but I have also noticed they do everything they can to get the shipment out as fast as they possibly can. Products are great, if you choose well.
    April,July 3 2023
    Great selection of high-quality products on Temu! Highly recommended.
    This app site is pretty good, but one of the drawbacks is that there is no link to Temu home page. I also it allowed screen rotation. There seems to be pushiness on buying more items. It is the same with the app. I also hate it when I am scrolling for certain items, (e.g. swimsuits) the same ones shows over and over. This seems to be an endless loop appearing to make it look as if Temu has a wide selection of items.
    Cathy,May 1 2023
    Amazing deals at Temu made my shopping experience truly enjoyable.
    Huge variety. Almost anything you can think of. No fear ordering because returns are so easy and FREE!! The quality has been good on almost everything I ordered and many times exceeds expectations. The games to win free items or discounts were disappointing as they are almost impossible to win unless you have a lot of friends that you can make referrals to and they will sign up. Otherwise, the games are a waste of time.
    James,July 9 2023
    Quality, style, and affordability, Temu has it all!
    I made multiple orders. so far, all have arrived on time, and in good condition. it isn't nearly as fast as Amazon, but it's cheaper for the same items, and the one item I've gotten that was defective was easy to return, and no hassles. I took the credit on the site, and was refunded in seconds. I was apprehensive at first, with all the scam sites out there nowadays, but this isn't something like , thank God. it's just a nice app to get cheap, worth the purchase, items.
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