How is Temu able to offer lower prices than others?

Temu connects customers directly with cost-efficient producers, allowing for competitively priced goods. By eliminating multiple middlemen and shipping directly from factories to consumers, customers benefit from wholesale prices from the source.

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Offering a wide range of products

Temu has access to a sophisticated network of suppliers and manufacturers. Many of these suppliers are world-class manufacturers that offer affordable prices to Temu because of our scale. Temu also has strict policies against counterfeit or unsafe goods.

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Security & Privacy

Free shipping & Free returns

Security & Privacy


Pay confidently with our secure methods

  • Card information is secure and uncompromised

  • Temu follows the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other security standards when handling card data

  • All data is encrypted

  • Temu never sells your card information

  • We also provide other payment methods for you.

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    We keep your personal data private, safe and secure

    The security of your personal information is important to us. We are dedicated to maintaining transparency and minimizing requests for Permissions within the application. You can see our and for details.
    In November 2023, we officially partnered with cybersecurity agency HackerOne to create a bug bounty program offering rewards to the cybersecurity community for successfully discovering and resolving potential security vulnerabilities. We are committed to maintaining a smooth shopping experience on Temu. To learn more, visit https://hackerone.com/temu

    Free shipping & Free returns