What certifications has Temu obtained to ensure user payment and information security?

At Temu, we prioritize user security and privacy through rigorous measures:

1. Security Practices: We adhere to international standards independently verified through the Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA) and engage with HackerOne's Bug Bounty Program to proactively address vulnerabilities.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): We enhance account security with MFA, requiring additional verification to protect against unauthorized access.

3. Anti-Phishing: As members of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), we actively combat phishing and identity theft.

4. Payment security certification: As a shopping software for users around the world, while supporting various payment methods, we have also obtained corresponding security certifications to protect the security of your property, including but not limited to: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard , Visa secure, Mastercard Identity Check, American Express SafeKey, ProtectBuy, J/Secure, Trustedsite.

We also ensure data privacy by collecting only necessary information, never selling customer data, and adhering to strict data protection regulations. This comprehensive approach helps safeguard our users against online fraud and protects their privacy.

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