Report Something Suspicious on Temu

At Temu, the safety and security of our customers' data and transactions are paramount. We're dedicated to providing a secure online shopping experience and protecting your privacy and personal information. If you encounter any suspicious activity or concerns about your privacy or security on Temu, please report it to us immediately.

1. Identifying and Reporting Fake Temu Ads, Posts, or Accounts

Recognizing Temu Fakes

- Temu fakes may include unauthorized use of the Temu logo, misleading offers, or phishing attempts.

- Authentic Temu communications will never ask for your password or personal information via social media or other unofficial channels.

Reporting Procedure for Fake Temu Representations

- To report suspected fakes, contact us at, providing details of the encounter.

- Include screenshots or links to the suspicious content, if possible.

Follow-Up Actions by Temu

- We review all reports thoroughly and take necessary actions, including legal measures, to protect our brand and customers.

2. Unauthorized Use of Temu's Content

Identifying Misuse of Temu's Content

- Misuse includes unauthorized replication of product listings, use of Temu's branded materials, or false association claims.

- Content that lacks official Temu verification or seems out of place with our brand standards is likely not authorized.

How to Report Misuse of Temu's Content

- Report misuse via [specific reporting channel], detailing the nature of the infringement and providing any available evidence.

Temu's Response to Intellectual Property Violations

- Temu takes intellectual property rights seriously and will pursue appropriate actions to cease misuse and safeguard our brand integrity.

3. Reporting Financial Fraud or Scams

Identifying Signs of Fraud or Scams

- Indicators include unsolicited requests for payment information, offers that seem too good to be true, or pressure to act quickly.

Reporting Financial Fraud or Scams

- Report financial fraud or scams to, including details like transaction dates, amounts, and any communication received.

Temu's Commitment to Investigating and Addressing Fraud

- Temu collaborates with legal and financial entities to investigate fraud cases and takes measures to prevent future incidents.

4. General Guidance on Reporting Suspicious Activities

When and How to Report

- Report any suspicious activities as soon as they are noticed via

Importance of Timely Reporting

- Prompt reporting helps us take swift action and potentially prevent others from being affected.

Temu's Process for Handling Reports

- All reports are handled confidentially and investigated promptly, with customer updates provided as necessary.

5. Protecting Your Account and Personal Information

Tips for Account Security

- Use strong, unique passwords for your Temu account and change them regularly.

- Monitor your account for any unauthorized activity and update your security settings frequently.

Avoiding Phishing and Scams

- Be cautious of emails or messages that request personal information or direct you to unfamiliar websites.

- Temu will never ask for your password or sensitive information via email.

Contacting Temu for Security Concerns

- For any security concerns, contact Temu support directly through our official website or customer support.

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