How do I track my refund?

You may track your refund progress through any of the following ways:

1. Please go to 'Your orders' in Temu app or on, find the corresponding order and click to view its details. Scroll to the refunded item and click 'Details'. You can then check your refund status and refund method for each refunded item.

2. Please go to your account in Temu app or on, find the 'Messages' section and click your refund message notification to view the details.

3. If you enabled text or email notifications for your order, you can click on the links there to track your refund status as well.

Once Temu issues your refund, please allow 5-14 business days (up to 30 days) for the refund to reflect in your original payment method, as processing times vary across financial institutions. If you opt for a Temu credit refund, it will be swiftly added to your Temu Credit Balance within 3 minutes.

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