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Google "temu coupons" to find more coupons directly on this page.

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Tap "Get now", sign in to your account, then you got it!

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Use Temu coupon to deduct the price when you place your order.

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Temu coupons are time-limited, use them before they expire.

Questions? We‘ve got answers.

How to use a Temu coupon code?

Temu offers coupons to help you score great deals on everything from men's and women's clothing and accessories to jewelry and electronics. When you place an order, our system will automatically apply the optimal Temu coupon code that helps you maximize your savings. Only one Temu coupon code can be applied per order.
Please ensure that your unused Temu coupons are in your account for use by going to your Temu account page from the Temu app or Temu.com. Select "Coupon codes" from the menu to view your unused, used, and expired Temu coupons.
If you have a new Temu coupon code that you would like to add to your account, enter it into the entry field on the "Unused" tab and click "Apply."

Where can I get the discount?

We have many themed activities, promos, and sales that can be automatically applied at checkout to help you maximize your savings. Please stay tuned.

Why isn't my Temu codes working?

There are a few reasons why your Temu codes may not be working:
1. Temu code inputted may not be accurate.
2. Temu code may have already expired.
3. The minimum order requirements have not been met.
4. Another Temu code is already in use which helps you better maximize your savings.

Can I use multiple Temu coupon codes for one order?

No, you cannot combine coupons at Temu. Only one Temu coupon code is allowed per purchase.

How to get free shipping coupon code on Temu?

We provide FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on almost all orders.

How does Temu coupon code 2023 work?

The discount code function is available at September 28, 2023. Use the code when you place the order.

What is Temu coupon code 2023 for existing customers?

Check the Temu outlets 2023 page. It's up to 90% off in 2023 for existing customers.

What is the latest Temu promo codes and coupons?

1. Prices are LOWER than low : CLEARANCE - [VIEW OFFER]
2. Up to 90% off for quality products : OUTLET - [VIEW OFFER]
3. Selected for students : 50% off OFFER - [VIEW OFFER]
4. Influencers exclusive - Up to $300 Free Products : $300 off OFFER - [VIEW OFFER]
5. Influencers exclusive - 50% off coupons for your followers : 50% off OFFER - [VIEW OFFER]
6. Enjoy free shipping on almost all orders : FREE SHIPPING - [VIEW OFFER]
7. Enjoy free express shipping on $129+ orders : FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING - [VIEW OFFER]