Temu's Story

Team Up, Price Down

Temu (tee-moo) connects you with millions of sellers, manufacturers, brands and logistic partners around the world to empower you live your best lives. Temu is committed to offering the most affordable quality products to enable you fulfill your dreams in an inclusive environment. At Temu, you can enjoy wholesale prices anytime, anywhere, and in any quantity from top suppliers and brands in the world! Temu was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2022 by its parent company PDD Holdings (Nasdaq: PDD).

Customer reviews

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Temu leverages on PDD Holdings (Nasdaq: PDD)’s ecosystem of suppliers, logistic vendors, and fulfillment partners to curate products from sellers, manufacturers and brands globally and pass on these amazing prices to you. With this sourcing capability, Temu could offer better prices as consumers buy more collectively! PDD Holdings (Nasdaq: PDD) is a multinational commerce group that handled 61 billion orders from a network of over 11 million suppliers in 2021.

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Quality Products Sourced Around the World

Temu has access to a sophisticated global network of suppliers and manufacturers. Many of these suppliers are world-class manufacturers that have worked with PDD Holdings over the past decade and offers the best prices to Temu because of our scale. Temu also has a zero-tolerance policy against counterfeits and imposes heavy penalties on infringers.

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Free Shipping

Yes, your shipping cost is on Temu! Standard shipping is free on almost all orders. Express shipping is free for all orders above US$129. We offer this amazing deal thanks to the strong and efficient fulfilment network we have developed over the past decade. We work with UPS, Fedex, and USPS.

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