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What are the main differences between brass and woodwind instruments?

The main differences between brass and woodwind instruments involve the method of sound production and the materials used. Brass instruments are usually made of brass and produce sound by buzzing the lips into a cup-shaped mouthpiece, funneling air through metal tubing. Woodwind instruments are typically made of wood or metal, and sound is produced by blowing air across a sharp edge, through a reed, or with a vibrating reed.

How do I clean and maintain my brass and woodwind instruments?

For brass instruments, remove all slides and valves, using a snake brush to clean interior tubing with soapy water. Dry thoroughly and apply valve oil on valves, and slide grease on slides before reassembling. For woodwinds, remove the mouthpiece and reed, swab the interior with an appropriate instrument swab, and clean the mouthpiece with a mouthpiece brush. Store the reeds in a reed case for protection. Regularly wipe the instrument exterior with a soft cloth, and have it serviced periodically by professionals.