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a laser tape measure

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Review spotlight

HJ Brooks

It’s great

1pc Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1, Distance Measuring Tape Laser Measure With LCD Digital Display, 131ft/40m, Tape Measure 16ft/5m For Distance, Area, Vol, Pythagorean Calculations, DIY Construction


I just can't believe how much I paid for this... CRAZY ITEM..

1pc Self Leveling Green Laser Level, 12/16 Line Green, High-precision Cross Line Laser Level, Horizontal And Vertical Green Beam Laser Tool


use it alot

1pc Woodworking Measuring Contour Gauge Multi-Functional Contour Gauge With Lock Widen Shape Duplication Tool For Corners Woodworking Templates Tiles


sturdy & works well.

1pc Self Lock Tape Measure, 5m/16ft Retractable Ruler, Carbon Steel Measuring Tape, Black Red ABS Plastic Shell

Pelon Pelo

fits perfect

1pc Woodworking Scribe Locator, Manual Woodwork Tape Measure Guide, Portable ABS Tape Measure Vertical Attachment, Measuring Tools


GREAT LITTLE TOOL. Comparing to my tape, IT'S SPOT ON, now I just tried it on a 25 feet distance so I don't know about a longueur one but it probably will be hard to see the red dot as it is pretty small. The only negative it's that the level bubbles are totally useless as they are to small and they don't even move, but not a big deal as you can use a little torpedo level under it. Also, It could have come with a pouch but Oh well. Overall it a winner for me, & five stars to Temu *****

1pc Handheld Digital Distance Meter, Infrared Laser Range Finder, Laser Electronic Ruler, Laser Measure 40/60/80/100m

Gladys Estrada

Pretty good quality fir the price. Comes on very handy fir small projects.

1pc Plastic Protractor, Folding Multi-Angle Goniometer, Measure Arm Ruler Gauge Tool, 0° To 180° Outside Inside Angle Gauge Ruler, Woodworking Measurement Tool For Metalworking, Carpenter, Construction


Nicely made, will be useful

1pc Electronic Digital Angle Ruler Woodworking Angle Ruler Caliper Digital Caliper Vernier Caliper Level Ruler Protractor 360 Degrees 2 In 1 LED Digital Measuring Instrument For Building Construction Home Decoration Woodworking Hardware Tools

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What are the most popular types of a laser tape measure on Temu?
There are many different types of a laser tape measure sold by sellers on Temu. Some of the popular a laser tape measure available on Temu include waterproof tape for bathroom, seal tape, super strong waterproof tape, reusable tape, sink tape, and even kitchen sink waterproof tape. Check them out here.
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